i play hard rock/blues/psychedelic and I'm always trying to create the sickest sound i can get. I want to get a new modulation pedal or maybe two but I'm not sure what i want!

mainly what i already use are -
crybaby wah
voodoo lab vibe

and i keep my boss delay pedal on most of the time, especially for leads when i'm using the crybaby... i set it very quick and subtle, the sound the pick makes on high strings with distortion echos a few times when i play but is a very quiet popping sound and in combination with my wah and vibe it makes a sound similiar to Jimi rocking his univibe pedal back and forth quickly like you can hear on his woodstock recordings.... this is hard to explain but basically its just gnarly.

so i'm looking for something to give me some more variety, some tweak-happy pedal but simple, those ones like the Flanger Hoax just have too many controls to use them on stage without taking 5 minutes between songs to reset them.

i think i prefer analog pedals but i've never owned any of those digital multieffects pedals, i've always just assumed they sound too THIN but what do i know?


edit: forgot to mention i just use my amp's inhouse distortion... i've got a couple boss distortion boxes but i like my amp's so they collect dust now.
i was going to say a Fuzz Factory but that requires a fair amount of free time to find the sound that you want. you'll probably lose some of your hearing as well lol
Get one o those line 6 pedals, you know the big four button ones, get the synth or modultion ones
found it

looks more promising than i thought line-6 was capable of lets see how the sound bytes sound...
ffs they don't have sound samples i wonder if my music store has this
MXR Phase 90 (script version), MXR Flanger (EVH or regular) or MXR Stereo Chorus

Yes I'm biased towards MXR stuff can't you tell?

Also good stuff is the EHX Electric Mistress, or you can check out a Uni-vibe from Dunlop.
I'm not thrilled with Boss stuff, I think the MXR Flanger is the best there is personally for my taste. The Phase 90 is simple and can make your solos pop in the mix, and the Stereo Chorus is just a beautiful sounding chorus pedal.
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