My mom was suggesting buying me an amp for xmas, line 6 spider III

And i was wondering could you use an effects pedal ala Digitech RP90 on it?

Thanks in Advance.
Yea. You can use whatever effects processor or pedal you want with it. It comes with a load of effects as well.
No, don't get that amp. That's probably the politest version of that you'll get in this thread.

And you can use an effects pedal through it, but it'll sound bad.

Wait for the Spider 3 bash to begin...
I think we can give you a good recommendation if you give us your price range / axe / genres.
I have a Spider and they're not bad, but you could do better. Get a Peavey Vypyr instead. Same price, and way more effects. It has stompbox settings, 12 amp models, and each can be used simultaneously. Spiders DO NOT sound good with effects pedals. The Vypyrs would because they can get a more "singular" sound, if that makes sense. But the Spider is definitely not a bad amp.
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The Line 6 Spider III is an awful amp for its price range, there are quite a few other amplifiers out there around a similar price which blow it out of the water, the Spider III sounds too digital and it's not very versatile and you won't use many of the onboard effects anyway, they're pretty much a novelty there.

You could try the VOX amps or the Peavey Vypyr or the Roland Cube, personally, I recommend the Peavey because it has a nice rock/classic rock tone, isn't too harsh and is an all round quality amp, quite versatile compared to the Spider III which is a modelling amp with a few channels but you'll eventually want a more versatile range of tones you can make yourself.
thing is she might have already bought it..

I could talk her into getting a different one?

What kind should i get

UNDER 200 though
Quote by tigerking615
I think we can give you a good recommendation if you give us your price range / axe / genres.

Under 200

Ibanez Gax70

Squier Bullet

About to obtain a Fender Standard Strat

Red hot chili peppers,
Foo Fighters,

Etc. Alternative, grunge you know what i mean.
well if you already have some equiptment, i would save up and upgrade

unless you REALLY need another peice of crap
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i bought a vypyr 75 for $300.
I love it way more than the spyder.

But they are on backorder so you might have to wait to get one.