Uhh hi I started playing guitar about three weeks ago and I have been playing for about two or three hours since everyday and I am getting ok and think that I am closer to move off from chords and onto tabs but what are some easy ones I can start off with.

Also can someone give tell me what all these words mean and stuff like:
capos, trills, hammer ons, pull offs, stuff like that?
chords and tabs aren't really "different" - most tabs will consist primarily of chords or things based around chord shapes. You certainly won't be ready to play any solos after only three weeks - you could perhaps look at some tabbed rhythm parts which will have more information than chord sheets but you should still be focussing on chords for the next few months, 3 weeks is nothing.
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Capos are used to change the key and pitch of the open strings of a guitar without having to adjust the strings with the tuning remaining the same

trills are a constant hammer on and pull of motion, primarily consisting of two notes

a hammer on is where you pluck a string and fret the first note, then fret a different note by 'hammering' your finger on to a fret which sounds a higher note, without picking the note.

a pull off is the reverse motion of a hammer on, pluck a string and fret the first note and then fret a different note, lower to the first note played, by pulling your finger off, leaving the finger behind fretting a 'pull off' note.
Hey i agree with Steven Seagull, stay with chords for a while, its very good to know them and be able to switch between them fluently.

but if you do want some easy tab songs try Seven Nation Army, Smoke on the Water and Highway to Hell.