Don't ridicule me too much, but I've started trying to learn more and more about amps, more specifically tube amps, and I had a question...

what makes a Mesa sound like a Mesa?
what makes a Marshall sound like a Marshall?
what makes a Soldano sound like a Soldano?
you get the idea...

as far as i know, tubes are tubes, though I do understand there are lots of tube brands and setups, and the majority of parts in an amp are just that parts, my question is what component(s) of the amp gives it it's distinctive tone?

just wondering...
The tonestack, and frequency responses of each amp help them sound the way they do. Each amp is kind of engineered to sound the way it does. If that makes sense. Its not just the tubes. Though, the speakers and tubes in an amp can also have more of a british or american voicing (as they are commonly called, british =marshall/orange kinda thing, american voicing = fenderish)
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