I'm looking at the yamaha FG 720 12 and 730, and I'm really kind of stuck. They don't make the 730 in a 12 string, so if I got a 12 string it would have to have NATO sides, which I'm not sure sound great. So the 730 has rosewood sides, but not a 12 string model.


Is there a large difference between NATO and rosewood?
Will you hear nato that much in a 12 string?

Thank you!
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Rosewood has a wark dark tone with long sustain.
Nato is similar to mahogany and it has a briter tone, is more agressive, fast attack, but less sustain.

One insn't any better than the other. They just sound different. Nato is much cheaper because it's not as exotic as rosewood but that has nothing to do with quality. Go to your local guitar store and try some rosewood guitars and then try some nato or mahogany guitars and that will give you an idea
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