Hi guys,

I recently got a cheapo, and what appears, to be a Ibanez S series rip off. The thing actually plays and feels alright, the thing is that it has 3 single coil pickups. I was looking through my spare parts and I found a pair of some old LP humbuckers. I decided seeing as I got the guitar for practically a dirt cheap price I might aswell do my first mod job.

I want to fit the humbuckers to the cheapo, Im thinking one at bridge and one at neck. But before I do the job I just need confirmation of how to do it.

Is it as simple as removing the single coil, routing out the body to fit the humbucker, and then just soldiering the humbucker to the wire that was on the single coils?

Any help would be appreciated, especially if I need to know if I have to change any wiring.

You pretty much got it

You will need a new pickguard also
HSH or HH?
You may also wanna go to 500k pots...
That's exactly it.

Except you solder the humbucker to the switch instead of a wire.

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Oh, she doesnt have a pickguard, so it is going to be a very tedious route job.

Thanks for clearing up that wiring issue though! I thought I would have to put all sorts of technical stuff like resistors, transistors and other nick nacks I dont understand.
I think its just a .22uf or something. futurelec is the cheapest i know of. its not hard at all to replace, but i dont know if you need it. Whats in there now?
hrmm . I have 2 wires coming from the coils, and the humbuckers have only one wire?

Any ideas?
the humbucker actually has two wires. the outside/ covering of the wire is ground and the inside of the wire is hot
Thanks alot guitarcam, you have been an awsome hand. I'll let you know how it went and show some pics/samples when im done.