i know it's a long shot but i'd REALLY like to sell these pedals together as a lot to one person.

1. digitech digidelay, good condition works perfect have the manual. velcro on the bottom

2. Boss TU-2 tuner, almost mint it works perfectly one strip of velcro on the back, manual included

3. BBE Mind Bender analog chorus and vibrato pedal near mint condition true bypass velcro on the bottom works perfectly, manual included

4. Biyang 7 band graphic eq pedal, pretty much mint with the exception of one strip on velcro. metal housing illuminated sliders true bypass level control. very nice eq, very quiet sound wise it's just as good as my m-108 10 band. it's pretty much a mix of the boss and mxr eq's. it's just like the boss eq except the sliders light up like the mxr eq's

5. Dunlop GCB-95 Crybaby, this is also pretty much in mint condition still has the sticker on top and the protective plastic across the front where it says crybaby.

it'd like to get 325.00 shipped for all of it. i understand it's the holidays and everyone is probably a little low on cash so i'd be willing to except trade offers plus cash if you don't quite have all the money. i closed my paypal account down recently due to certain issues so money orders would probably be the best way for payment. but if your interested please let me know. either post here or email me (my pm's don't work) Pinhead1634@aol.com


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