so I posted this piece a month or two ago, and didn't get any critisism that helped me at all, so I'm reposting it now:


Its hard, when the girl you love as your friend,
when the girl you love to do crazy **** with,
when the girl you love to hang around with
when the girl you've liked for quite some while.
She says to you that she think she's getting feelings for you.

You get stricken by all kinds of weird thoughts,
they run through you like a scissor through paper.
I can see all these questions passing me, but like
a stenographer without keys, I have nothing.
I have no reply, no comment, no nothing.

Afraid to jeopardize the friendship,
you let your feelings skip,
they all went down with a sinking ship.
Now I'll never feel her loving lip.

Dreaming about the cold water,
bad feelings are sent to the slaughter.
No more will I neglect my love,
I'm taking off the silent glove.

I've got a message to send,
I hope it all works out in the end.

Erlend H.

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