So, I'm getting a new LTD FX-260, and know that explorers are neck heavy guitars. Other than getting a bigger leather strap when I have the option to do so, I want to have an additional strap button or two added to my guitar. The current button should be approx. directly between the D and G strings, so should I move them more between the low E and A strings, or right in line with the low E string? Secondly, should I add a second additional strap either behind the guitar neck or another place someone may suggest?

Thanks for everyones help.

PS: Happy Holidays.
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I moved the front strap button on my Epi Explorer to the back of the neck like they're on the Gibson Explorers and it fixed the neck dive problem on mine.

Have a picture of a Gibson Explorer's neck strap button so I can have an idea of where it needs to go?
Ahh ok I get it now, you want to fix nose dive lol

Google img search found this:

Hope that helps with the positioning
Thanks for that picture. The butt strap button seems to be a little "higher" up the / of the Explorer than my FX260 will be. I might just have a third button put an inch above the current button, and another on the back of the neck on the pocket.

PS, zakkwyldefan79 has a great group of gear.
ive got an LTD EX-400 and the strap locks are in a pretty good spot...
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Thanks Man. I'm planning on getting a good tube amp in March or April. I don't know excactly which one yet though. Depends on what kind of deal I can find at the time.

Try the amp with multiple cabs, preferably cabs that have eminence or celestion speakers, as well as your guitar. You can make a better decision that way. Plus I hate using some of the guitars they have at guitar places.