Hi guys!
I need some help for a new amp.
I essentially play Dream Theater, Petrucci, Marco Sfogli, Opeth, Liquid Tension Experiment and those kind of things; progressive, fusion, metal, thrash and also some heavy rock. I've got a JEM 7V.
My dream is a Mark IV but i can't get close enough with the budget.
I'm from Italy and i saw on US EBAY some very nice Dual/Triple Rectifiers at a very good price for me, because the USD is **** now against EURO, but I'm not sure I can get the budget.
I've got about 7-800 €, maybe a little more, if I can't afford those Rectifiers, what could i get?Other brands? Something like Diezel, Soldano, something like that, are good?And Peaveys/Laneys?
Help plz
I'm going to say look into some Carvin's. They sound good, are fairly cheap, and they are rugged as ****. One of my friends dropped his out of a moving car then took it home and plugged it in and it was perfectly fine (other then the tolex being torn to ****)
With any amp that you buy, make sure you get a BBE Sonic Maximizer, it'll make a 15w combo sound like a 1000 bucks.
Are their distortion heavy enough?
I forgot to say I need at least 30/50watt for practice with my band and maybe gigging in some time...
If you want a combo take a look at the Laney LC50, very versatile.
Another suggstion would be the ENGL Thunder/Screamer 50, both would suit you I think.

Both will do heavy distortion, the ENGLs more so than the Laney.
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Some other suggestion?
Are Bugeras good? I like the tone but I'm scared that they will easily break...