Everytime my mom comes in my room and sees me playing, I get nervous and too afraid to open my mouth and sing. I get stiff and can't really concentrate on my playing. She doesn't really like my music or my musical influences either.

How can I get over this? I keep thinking that she's judging me in her head....
Wow I totally came into this thread to joke about incestual thoughts.. But i don't this needs setting up.

Seriously though, I was like that when I first started but my family are all musical so i was supported alot which made it easier, and I 've always loved performing, so i just had to get used to performing with a guitar rather than in some other way.

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Quote by Mattalac
Wow I totally came into this thread to joke about incestual thoughts..


I may get a bit nervous but I don't care enough to notice ...
Who cares if you mom likes your music dude ... It's like getting nervous when playing World of Warcraft if your mom walks by ...
i've always been more comfortable playing for strangers than for people i care about.

In fact, same goes for public speaking. I can talk in front of 1000 strangers, no sweat. Put me in front of a dozen classmates, i get sweaty palms and stutter and ****.
@schiz... right on the money. Funny how that goes, eh?

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

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im kinda used to it, considering that i love performing, and my mom always wants me to play...

i actually learned from my grandmother, who was self taught, so i in turn, as tech self taught... i have played for a year, and am better than her, but she is way more in depth at song writing... i cant shred, do solos or anything like that, but i can express how i feel in song, and thats what an acoustic is about in my opinion
It'll go with away with time. Just be confident in your ability to play and keep playing in front of people. I remember I thought there was no way I would be comfortable being on stage but then a few months later I'm playing in my boxers in front of our biggest crowd ever no sweat.
i dont really feel uncomfortable around anyone im cocky and shameless, may not always be a good thing but it is when it comes to music
I wish I was cocky and shameless. I hate playing for family, when I first started I got pissed when my mom barged in and wanted to listen lol. My grandma always wants me to play her a tune and I hate it, I get nervous and rush everything. A buddy of mine always used to come over and tell me to play him some licks, wasnt a fan of that either. I usually play with headphones on but come xmas time ill be getting my blues jr so that wont be a option anymore.
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Well.. Just comes to terms with it:P .. I remember.. my mother ALWAYS was like.. "THAT SOUNDS LIKE CRAP, TURN IT DOWN, IT SUCKS", and so on.. Didn't bother me xD

Don't think shes ever been at a concert i've played.. Her ears would bleed :P

Rock you like a Hurricane and Skjald av Satans Sol, just doesn't mix.. xD

Btw. Doublepost.. just.

Try playing something SHE likes once in a while. And she will appreciate your playing xD

I did that.. Learned a few songs with Meat Loaf, Qeen and so on (which i like aswell), and learned to play tons of soloes, and suddenly she loved it.. When i played exactly those things ofc..

Yeah I have the same issue. I'll play a song great on my own but as soon as I play it in front of my family I always muck up. Or if I've wrote a song and they want me to play it for them, I instantly feel embarrassed of my lyrics - like they'd think they were stupid or whatever.
I never sung my own song in front of my family before. But me, my sister and both my cousins made a little musical act for my grandma (shes the one who gave all of us musical genes), consisting of me and my sister playing happy birthday (her: flute, me: acoustic), and all of us playing one of her favourite songs, with a sax instead of vocals and me doing a short solo on guitar. Needles to say i was so nervous i screwed up a 20s long solo and improvised the whole thing (luckily the song was in Am), but it turnned out even better than the original! But i was actualy so nervous i was shaking. I never get do nervous infront of other people. It also might have been due to the fact that my cousins and my sister all have formal musical education and i dont. But hey, they dont teach you how to rock in music school .
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
I hit my killswitch the second my parents come in

I play metal and they hate it with a passion
i used to get a little nervous, but i broke out of that after about 2 weeks. ill play in front of anyone, anywhere, and i dont care anymore. dont worry, you'll get over it. i never got to the point where i was shaking, and fortunately for me, my whole family's a bunch of metalheads ('cept for my youngest sister, she listens to hannah montana [blech]), so i can play what i usually play (metal), but i do play other things like classical and reggae, which they're not too fond of, but i really dont care what anyone thinks about me or my playing, so yeah. to sum it all up, im like what that dmiwshicldply guy said. maybe not that cocky, but yeah, im sure you guys get the idea. :P
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