Hey, guys!

Any tips for choosing a midi keyboard?
Number of keys / Price etc...?

I'm going to use it mostly for composing... Just it is convenient for me to play a keyboard while creating melodies. What I want is to record it into Fruity Loops as a midi track and then set an actual instrument for this melody.


The Edirol PCR line is great for the price but if you are just doing a low budget setup, pickup a lower priced yamaha keyboard and make sure it has MIDI out. Plug that into a PC and you should be good.

I run a Yamaha PSR340 as my controller. The sounds are not great so I only use the MIDI part of it. I will be getting that PCR800 some day though.
Wow! Thanks for those links... Some time needed for investigation

Yeah, I think about something really not expencive... Since I'm not going to use it as a musical instrument for final recording... Just to facilitate the composing process...