Now this is an interesting instrument. It's a mid 80's thing with the black & red crackle finish.

1 bridge humbucker and 1 neck single coil all interswitchable active etc...

picked it up s/h circa 93 and mostly don't play it any more but when I get bored and plug it in I wonder why I haven't been playing the thing more often. The mid 80's actives kick ass and the sustain just goes on forever when the on is on. Violin work no problem.

29 frets and you can get up to Cheech and Chong land no problem with the extended cutaway

and the FR whammy - I've thrown this thing at a bus and it was still in tune.

Main problem I think is the jumbo frets - great for harmonic tappin back in the 80's but suck big time for sliding an octave and maintaining the note at the destination....

Anyone else have one of these?
They also made a EC36 with no single coil, just a humbucker and 36 frets.
A little overboard in my opinion.

I do own a EC26 or Atlantis as it it was called.
Bolt-on, 26 frets, S/H pickups, OFR, solid flamed maple body and flamed maple neck too!
The extended cutaway is very cool for upper fret access.