What's going on? This amp was purchased this past summer. Little use. Never gigged. Never abused. Perfect, flawless, beautifully mint conditioned. Retails new for $1,069. Your's for only $700 OBO. Considering the condition and the date of purchased is why I chose $700 OBO. Willing to trade for an ESP LTD DELUXE EC 1000. E-mail me at mwalluk@hotmail.com

I'm looking to unload hopefully by the weekend, if not today. With XMAS coming up, these would make the ultimate gift for someone, if not for yourself. This is priced to sell. It is reasonable, way below both EBay and Store prices. I know what these go for and what they are worth. I don't ship, I'm a people person and like doing my business in person, so local transactions only. I will not waste my breath on low ball offers and I WILL NOT ACCEPT YOUR BOGUS CASHIER'S CHECK SCAM (hate those emails).

Here's the specs.

The unparalleled flexibility of removable all-tube preamps 2 at a time. 18 independent hot-swappable plug-in preamps are available. Physically designed after the preamp sections of the world's greatest amps, they generate unparalleled purity of tone in all styles. The RM50B accommodates any combination of 2 classic or modern amps, simply by plugging in your choice of tube preamp modules. Designed for the club professional who is looking for an all-tube amp with multiple tones. The RM50 gives you 50W of power using Ruby 6L6 tubes, a 12" Celestion G12 Century speaker, and 2 modular channels for plugging in Randall preamps. Controls include master volume, master density and presence controls, and front panel mix control. Connections include a tube-buffered parallel effects loop, series effects loop, slave out, rear master input (for volume pedal), and rear bias test points.

Randall RM50B 50-Watt 1x12" Modular Tube Combo Amp Features:

50W of power using Ruby 6L6 tubes ........ 12" Celestion G12 Century speaker ........ 2 modular channels for plugging in Randall preamps ........ Master volume, master density and presence controls, and front panel mix control ........ Tube-buffered parallel effects loop ........ Series effects loop ........ World voltage AC input selector ........ Slave out ........ Rear master input (for volume pedal) ........ Rear bias test points ........ 19"W x 25"H x 13"D ........ 55 lbs.

modules not included.....