My guitar teacher says I need to relax whilst playing, because I'm too tense. I am, but how the hell am I suppsoed to relax?

I'm guessing I'm tense, because thats how I've been playing since I've started, so is there anyway I can relax?

I'm alright when playing rock and blues and stuff.
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Hmm well when im playing and im tense i just take 5 minutes out and then i start playing again, but i dont try to rush through the song, when i play and i relax i just think, im going to play this for the sound... becuase i love playing this song or whatever and i dont try to rush through it and get the timing perfect, if the timing is off a little i dont worry about it, i just try and catch up with it in a few bars and i just listen to the music that im playing.. it's hard to explain tbh.

If your playing fast, for example 16th's at 200bpm, dont worry about missing 1 or 2 notes out, just enjoy the music that your playing and add some feel to it... adding feeling and trying to listen to what im playing and sort of rolling with that relaxes me alot to be honest...

This might not have helped, but it's what i do.
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its not my mind thats tense, sorry I should have explaiend it better.

Its my arms, especially my picking hand.
Play because you feel like you want to and not because you feel like you have to.

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People play me that I'm really stiff and tense when I play. Try to relax and make your movements more fluid. It really helps if you can get into the song.
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Stretch before you practice. Stretch your arms, wrists, legs, anything...

Sometimes even relaxing in a more... sexual way helps too. Also, sit in a comfortable place such as a nice couch, bed, or a nice office chair or something.
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