I think this band were around in the 80s, i didn't know where to put this but anyway, they had a few singles and released a couple of albums, what are your thoughts on them?



I think that while the songs are undeniably stupid, there are some interesting ideas used, some of the things the guitarist does is pretty cool and its rare to see fretless bass used in this way.

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they have a very unique style, and i kinda like 'em.
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Wow, never heard something like this :-D If thay play it everytime the same, than it must be even technicaly difficult, but seems like playing a random note to me :-D
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Oh yeah, as far as my opinion on them in terms of good and bad goes, i quite like "chaos", "buffalo" is somewhat dischordant but quite cool, theres another one called tuppaware stripper which has more of a distinct riff, which is good. At first i thought it was stupid **** though.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
Stump are great.

Bassist is surprisingly good.
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