Hey everyone could you please check out my band. we are going to put a new song up here but want some feedback on our old songs. i might have posted these a while ago but im not sure so please just check it out anyways.

the riffs are pretty cool and the band sounds tight overall, but how old is your singer? He sounds decent, but his voice sounds like a child's voice.
wow, nice riff's/music. it sounds kick ass, but yea, your singer has like a 10 year old voice, no offense. Still good though.
I also wasn't too fond of the singer, just something about his voice, and he was out of tune a bit, although he did well to hold some notes. I also think you should find a better studio next time, the sound was kinda muddy overall, not your fault tho. I thought the riffs were decent, but a little cliched, kinda generic alt rock sorta things. However, there were a few more interesting stops, and things like putting the drums into double time for a few bars.

Care to listen to this -

sounds decent for your age man, drums sound a bit weak..if those are live drums get the guy to tighten his snare for that kin do of music. good tho man. c4c?