Hey guys what's goin on? I recently ran into a little extra cash and I see no reason why I shouldn't buy a badass topself guitar with it. I play mostly metal. Bands such as KSE, and LOG mostly. This guitar will stay in Dropped D or C. I play through a B-52 AT-212 combo. I already have a Schecter Hellraiser and a Fender Highway One strat.

So I do not want to spend over $1500 on this baby. The I really dig the EMG's in my Hellraiser so I think im going to stick with those. I am really leaning towards the ESP Eclipse right now. I've always wanted a LP shaped guitar built for metal. But is it worth forking over the extra $600 for the ESP on the headstock? Plus I dig the Blue on the LTD. I've fooled around with the idea of a Soloist but i have yet to play any Jackson that I like.

This guitar must be a fixed bridge, and NO bolt on neck. The heavier the better. Im not too fimiliar with any of the upper end Ibby's but I think there could be some worth a look for sure. Im coming here for suggestions. The closest ESP dealer is 2 hours away and I want to look at all of my options before I go there. Thanks.
I just purchased an LTD EC-500 and I really like the feel and quality of it. I did try the standard ESP eclipse and although it did seem like it was higher quality the difference was minute.
it is minute and both of them have a realy good feeling neck and are worth more than their price dont go with the EMG's though. you'll get MUCH more wood tone if u get the JD and Jazz or watever the neck is. that's my general rule of thumb on any sc body style
the s2170 kicks ass too and if uve got the money check out the caparisons and my brian has a nice feel for the price too but u have to get them used.
A Capairson would be sweet. But since I cannot get ahold of one and can't really play it im going to have to say no. The burl ibby looks sweet. But the trem kinda scares me, not a big fan.