I've been (stuck with) playing through a fender Princeton 65 dsp for a while now,
And i've always been wondering if i could get some real distortion out of it.
I've never had the money for a new amp, but i tried using a boss super overdrive SD-1 and it didn't seem to do much of anythng in the way of getting a more distorted sound.
So here i am with Christmas coming up and i was wondering whether getting a heavier pedal would fix my problem, i was thinking of maybe a Boss Mega distortion pedal
But i don't wouldn't want to get it and have it not do anything for me.
So the point of all this rambling, is
Would getting the MD-2 pedal give me a decent amount of increase in my distortion or not?

I appreciate any feedback,
Just don't tell me to get a new amp.
I just don't have the money.
Yes it will.

Will it sound good?

Don't know, but I for one would not use that set up.