OK..On christmas im buying my Ibanez RG1570( )..and i want an amp for bedroom playing..i play classic rock/ metal..i dont want tube amp and budget is 200-350 dollars..im between : Hughes and Kettner blue 30 dfx, Marshall mg30, fender dsp 30, vox vt 30, peavey vypyr 30, roland cube 30..i need an amp with GOOD clean channel cause i can fix the OD with a pedal
Vox Valvetronix , definatly, its above the rest as a hybrid
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cube 30x its cleans is modeled to a roland jazz chorus
dont use a OD through a SS amp use it in a tube amp
and what genres do you play????
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I'll get flamed but w/e. You are right in used VK-112 territory.

I wouldn't call a VK an ideal bedroom amp as much as I love mine...

Of those, the Vypyr, Cube and Valvetronix would work best.
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I wouldn't call a VK an ideal bedroom amp as much as I love mine...

No I agree. I think 5 watts when I think bedroom amp and not 30, or 50 for that matter as with the VK. I guess I was in the "most bang for your buck" mode with the suggestion.
Don't get the Valvetronix, I owned one for about 2 days and took it back and got a cube 30x. Cube 30x is probably the best, most economical practice amp ever made and sounds fantastic at low volumes.
superchamp xd would be better than all except maybe the vyper, but that depends if you do more classic rock or more metal