Well, I've noticed recently that I really don't like the sound of the low e and a strings without them muted slightly. Sometimes, when they ring out, it sounds like a "changy" sound. I've noticed that I like the sound of them muted today, but I never really tried to palm mute any strings other than the ones that I'm not using. I know you should use your palm that's right behind your pinky, but when I do that, it's very uncomfortable. I suddenly start to dig in with the pick and it grabs the strings on upstrokes. I'm not sure how I could mute without tilting my wrist or having it cocked way to the side. Any ideas guys?
You could get string dampeners. They get rid of unwanted feedback, but a far as palm muting you couldn't really do to much else.
Do you play sat down or stood up? Adjusting your playing position can make it much easier to palm mute effectively without having to adjust your hand position - I personally find it much easier with the guitar fairly high such that my wrist is straight when I palm mute
^ you should be able to do it either way, sitting or standing.

TS, i have an awesome idea, it might just work. check out some youtube videos on how to properly palm mute. then get this, PRACTICE. theres no massive secret to palm muting, just like anything else you have to practice it to get it good and tight.