Hey guys, just looking for a crate v18 212 amp in the USA, or any similar tube amp for a decent price. Budget is around 200-250 USD so really can't get too much. I play everything, but the main thing the amp needs to do is be heard with a band (drummer, guitar, bass).

If anyone here can hook me up, that'd be LOVELY.
just buy one new off the internet. they sell them for around $200 on most internet guitar shops.
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yeah musiciansfriend has them advertised for $200. but you could probably find one on ebay that is cheaper.

i doubt that there are many people on here with this amp, let alone wanting to sell it.
EDIT: they have one on ebay for 160 buy it now..only has a lil rip and dent on the tolex and combo frame. would be a sweet deal. plus you could save a lil dough for a good dist. pedal if you need to get to metal territory.
Actually, Crate discontinued the V series, so it'll get progressively tougher to find them. So i'd jump on that $160 deal.
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I own one of these- got it for $ 179. Best money I ever spent. A bit bassy tho.
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