Right now I have a Carvin V3 combo which I havent been totally satisfied with tonally and I was wondering how much I should sell it for? Its about a year old and they go for $1,300 new, the amps in great shape aside from a few small dings from shipping. From everything I've been hearing the Mark IV can get pretty much any sound your looking for and sounds awesome from all the soundclips I've been hearing, so I've been wanting to pick one of those up instead. I'm interested in getting the Head used(I'm not sure if they even make them new anymore) and was wondering how much I should pay for one? Also what is a good 2x12 cab that goes great with the Mark IV and is under $400 or $500?
The V3 combo sells for $1150 new. Used, they sell probably in the $700 range.

The Mark IVs were discontinued a few months back as they're coming out with a Mark V, used I'd expect to pay about $1200, give or take some. I bought mine rackmounted in a case for $1200 and then sold it 6 months later, after they were discontinued for $1750. They've finally went back down to sensible prices again though.

I'd highly suggest you look into the Roadster and Road King as well though. (IMO) the Roadster/Road King sound more "real" and are more versatile.

As for a cab, the Mesa Recto 2x12 is always a good choice.
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