Hopefully I will be purchasing a new guitar in the next 4-5 months. Currently my budget is $700 but his could go up. I would still classify myself as a beginner and I like to play metal. The wife got me a Schecter Omen 6 a couple of years ago to replace my very old Fender Squire Strat. I really like the Schecter but I also have my eyes on a couple PRS guitars.

I'm leaning towards a Schecter as I like the string-through body. That and I don't really feel comfortable with tremolos as I don't know how to maintain them should something go wrong. Anyway, I'm trying to decide between these 4 and would like some advice. Thanks

1. Schecter C1+
2. Schecter C1 Hellraiser
3. PRS SE Custom 24
4. PRS Paul Allender
C1+ +1
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Hellraiser Avenger looks bloody nice
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prs or schecter......thats not a question...... go for the prs if u have the money
The PRS will probably be a higher quality guitar, but there's nothing wrong with a Schecter. If you're a "beginner," Schecter might be the better option because they cost less -- it is your first GOOD guitar, you're sure to buy others -- and the Hellraiser is great for a metalhead.

On a side note I actually own a Hellraiser and I absolutely love it. It has great construction quality and it plays like a dream.

Edit: I just looked and seen that the PRS guitars cost less, but I still vote Schecter.
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Try out some Fenders, i have a shecter and atough its a great guitar the C-1 Classic, i regret not buying a fender now cause they play so damn well the mexicans I bealieve sell less than what there actually worth.

But yah the shecter i didnt really like the low end PRS, epiphones are better IMO.
PRS.... Schecters are so overrated on these boards its not even funny

Oh and did i mention, i have one....

In comparison to my PGM it feels pathetic, I'll be selling mine asap
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Quote by Cole419
prs or schecter......thats not a question...... go for the prs if u have the money

If it was like a Custom 24 then you're right, no question but we're talking about the SE series here so...Schecter.
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well you already have a pretty nice guitar, what kind of amp do you have?
but i would take the C1 hellraiser out of those choices for metal
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Chea_man is the best.
C-1 Plus...
I was between that and a PRS SE Singlecut...
I like the Schecter better.
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Another vote for C-1 Plus. I love mine.
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Schecters hellraiser c-1 elite diamond series.

Its a les paul in superstrat form.
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