First off let me say I am new here.
I am having a hard time getting the kind of tone I am looking for with the micro metal muff. I play all styles of metal. I am looking for a high gain to ultra high gain that doesnt get musshy at medium volume. I want a distortion I can use with my amps clean channel. My budget is 250. I can go a little over that but not much.
These are the pedals Im looking at:
Seymour duncan twin tube mayham
Guyatone metal monster
Damage control solid metal
Vox cooltron bulldog
rocktron silver dragon
t.rex bloody mary
Landmine ld-1
I am mainly looking for a dark sounding distortion, think Mesa, Bogner, etc.
Any more suggestions or info on above pedals would be appreciated.
Try the new digitech hardwire metal distortion, it's true bypass and it has two settings that can either tighten or mush your sound depending on what you going for.
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Hi! i sure will recommend you to use old stuff like Ibanez Tube-Screamer Or BOSS OD (Overdrive) or/and Distorsion pedals!
Im using a peavey duel. It is a all tube 120 watt 212 combo. The crunch channel has nowhere near the amount of gain Im looking for, so Im basically using it as a solo boost.
What did ya end up buying?

Zvex Box of Metal might do , Zoom TM-01 , ...Landmine LD-1

I heard the landmine isn't true bypass ...which imo sucks...but i hear good things about the sound ..
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You could just try boosting the crunch channel, but that depends on how much gain it has right now. Use a clean boost (LPB-1, BBE Boosta Grande, Super Chili Picoso etc. etc.) or an OD (Fulltone OCD or Fulldrive)


ZVex Box of Metal?
Boost, using an OD pedal.
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