Im looking to get my first new decent guitar, my budget is around £400 and the maximum I could probably spend is £600.

The stuff I play is mostly influenced by Alt Rock, influences such as Smashing Pumpkins, Rhcp, Pearl Jam, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Velvet Revolver, Jamiroquai, Janes Addiction, Tool, Sublime, and the list goes on and on

Im just looking for ideas for a decent guitar, this Fender caught my eye:


I'd go with an LTD EC-500 or an EX-400 if you're into more extreme shapes. A PRS SE Custom wouldn't be a bad buy either (try to find the limited edition 24-fretted ones since you're in the UK). They play really well and they look good.

There's nothing wrong with the one you linked to, I've just never been a big fan of Strats myself.
Yes I was also considering a PRS SE, its just that I have never actually played a PRS SE, hopefully when I get back to UK I can try one out to see how it feels and if I enjoy it :P
Yes, I think you should. Actually, I've only played on "real" PRSes, but I've heard that there isn't that much of a difference. They don't have locking tuners, no birds and no carved top, but other than that the differences are negligable in terms of look and functionality. But yes, try one and see what you think. Like I said though, since you're in the UK it should be pretty easy to find the limited-run 24-fret SEs. Two extra frets do a lot of difference, believe me.