Hi there ,

I have an Ibanez Rg2570 ex prestige, with Dimarzio/IBZ pickups, and most of the time, when im playing with distortion for a long time , mostly riffs and when I mute the strings ( the lower strings) , i start to get a real "OVER BASS" kinda sound ( a not so "clean" distortion, with the notes coming up with no definition) .

I would like you to help me . Do you know why this happen ? Is it from the pickups ? The equalization ? Should i change my pickups , for example to an EVO 2 BRIGE , from dimarzio ?

Please helpe me

Thank you
i first used this equalization :

Bass : 10
Middle : 0
Treble : 10 ,

now i use something like

Bass :5
Midlle : 3
Treble : 5

I have a Rolanc Cube 30 , and a BOSS ME-50 , and i use the distortion of the BOSS ME.
My RG sounds a lot boomier than my other guitars, so I always roll the bass knobs back a bit (on amp and pedal). I don't know if this is your problem or not. I doubt it is the pickups, I know a few people with this guitar and don't have this problem.
huum , thank you . i will do that
But i dont know if with a pickup with High Gain , like EVO2 , the sound would come more tighter, and less Overbassed ...
maybe it's the amp..

does it change levels right after playing high notes??

or after a while of heavy riffs??

because some amps change level automaticly .. it's kinda annoying ..
i dont know ,

after a while playin heavy-muted riffs , the sound gets kinda wierd, over bassed .

But it as happened on 3 different amps ive played
I used a Boss ME-50 on a solid state amp and the sound isnt too bad (Don't flame me, as I'm buying tube within the next 3/4 weeks, haha).
What distortion model do you use on the ME-50 and what are the settings?
I would say it's not the guitar but the combination of using a multieffects processor with a modeling amp. I'm not sure why but most of the time the two just don't mix well together from my experience anyway.
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i use DS-2 , variation , so LOUD type distortion .

Drive 60
Bottom 50
Tone 65
Level 50

when i raise amp Volume too much , i get that Overbassed sound
you probably could get a decent sound out of your cube and me-50 but the cube would have to be on a clean setting and then you would use your pedal to get your distortion or just use the distortion from the amp.

my valveking and sd-1 gets me a ton of tonal variations you just need to know how to use it. I ran an rp-80 straight in once and it sounded like trash but maybe it wouldn't sound too bad through the effects loop.
Current Gear:
Ibanez rg470
Peavey ValveKing 112
Blackheart little giant head
2 homemade 112 cabinets
Boss SD-1
Quote by ppredator
a Valveking 212 and the ME-50 would be a better combination?

That would be a much better combination I think. You probably wouldnt need to use the ME-50.

For my distortion I use the MT-2 model, then set the controls as follows -
Gain @ 2 oclock
Bottom @ 12 oclock
Tone @ 10 oclock
Level @ 12 oclock

Try that and see if it helps, I'm quite pleased with my tone.
Have you just tried rolling the bass back to about 3? Thats round about where it is on my cube street.

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