Ok, a few quick questions. I've owned a Peavey band 112 trans-tube for about 5-6 years. The only thing is, I rarely ever play electric or use it. The other day I came home and decided to start playing on it. I noticed there was alternating volume levels as I played, and after about 3-4 minutes it cut out playing at all. At first there was some feedback, but then just silence. After letting it have a rest, I gave it another go. The same effects happened within a 2 minute span. (Just a quick note, I used different connector cables to ensure it wasn't a bad cable)

I don't know much about equipment, but something in my mind told me the problem might reside within a bad tube. I have had the thing for quite some time. However, I have several questions:

1. Do trans-tubes ever need new tubes?
2. Does this sound like a tube problem?
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hahaha, are you Australian? how long is it?
It doesn't have tubes. It just sounds like a dying SS amp.
Call me Wes.
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1. No
2. No

*damn marketing FTL*

if you've already checked your cables it seriously sounds like a bad solid state component or something which would be way too costly to diagnose and fix. May be time to start hunting for a new amp. We'll help you tho if you want.

^yes, wouldn't hurt to check guitar
Had my transtube about 3 years now. wonder if it only has 3 more years of life.
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