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Its a sg special faded 3. First electric guitar and loving it =). Got an amplug so I can play it nearly whenever wherever =)..just have to get grado head phones =)

Got it at close to US standard prices... (I'm in HK),85/brand,sameday/p45235h-68b5d6d62d03796f1d0abd81f721d365.jpg

Will practice X-Japan songs now =), going to see their concert soonish =) And after that I will play some Swedish bands =)
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Erm okay.

I have a gibson too, they're nice.
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A Gibson SG is a pretty amazing first guitar. Congrats. A lot better than my bottom of the range Epiphone!
wait u bought a gibson sg and only bought a head phone amp?
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ENDLESSS RAINNNNN .............DUM DE DUUU DUUUU awesome.. go for it man!
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wait u bought a gibson sg and only bought a head phone amp?

Good point. I was waiting for that to be mentioned, should had mentioned in the first post.

I got the head phone amp for free. Getting a true amp when my student loan for the 2nd semester =)

love playing xjapan, well atleast trying =)
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My first guitar was a $250 ibanez. I am jealous.

i will be using this guitar for some long time so no upgrades for me for some long time. ye its expensive starter guitar, but its mostly only important what you are able to do with the guitar and im just a noob for now. my gf plays so she is teaching me =)
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My first guitar was a $250 ibanez. I am jealous.
Mine was a $150 Squier...
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Mine was a $150 Squier...

Mine was an $85 baja... in my sig yet, but i just ordered a schecter now. as for TC, that is a hell of a nice starter guitar. Have fun
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Quote by Poglia
Mine was a $150 Squier...

Me too...affinity series?

I don't know about you, but this guitar is the real deal. It feels great, plays nice (pickups are a little weak, but you can still make them squeal), and I set it up myself and can't believe how low I got the action and how great the intonation is

nice gibson though, you can't start out much better than that.
That's a nice piece for a first guitar man.

xjapan is pretty sick too! you have fun with that!
Got to say it doesn't get much better than that for a seasoned guitarist never mind a beginner! Excellent choice and it will last you a long time.

SG Faded's are very underrated IMO. If you can live with the somewhat no frills appearance, they are great playing intruments. At least the one I tried was. Congrats man, now go play that thing!
Nice first guitar, mate. Although I'll have to say you should get a "real" amp for it; while an AmPlug is great in many ways, it limits the potential of the guitar. Playing with awesome sound is much more fun than playing with okay headphone sound, as well. But good luck with everything.
Playing it till my fingers feel numb!

will later take the guitar to the shop and test out amps when i get my student loan

ye, i loved the sound and wasnt bothered by the simplistic looks

been thinking of an electric guitar for ages!
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Will use a small Fender amp until I get more cash for a better =), will miss it, cant take it over xmas holidays as I got no cash for a hardcase yet
sweet! i tried the non-faded version about a week or two ago, it was pretty nice. especially nice for a first guitar.
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My first was a Telecaster copy. My second was an SG (standard). $210 back in '77.

I bought a 1960 Les Paul Standard in '78 for about $800. It got stolen this past September. I got a new LP Standard with the insurance money. It's not the same (duh), but for my purposes, it's fine.
That is a very nice first electric guitar. I wish my first electric was a gibson sg.
None of you guys have anything on me. My first guitar was a cheap Esteban American Lagacy Electric/Acoustic I got for free from a friend of my cousin. My first bass was a Jay Turser that I got free from a friend. My first electric (and current for the next few months) is a Yamah EG112 that I picked up for 50 bucks w/ no strings, a bridge that couldnt stay in tune (bolted it down, hard tail from a trem FTW) and a **** hand made nut.

NICE starter gutiar, im jealous
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my first guitar was a accoustic that at the 18th fret the action was almost a half inch. it cost 300 dollars (grandparents got it for me, got ripped off) when it really only cost 200, plus the pre amp in it (accoustic/electric) was there, but it was not hooked up to the output jack or the bridge in any way, needless to say, that **** didnt work.

good for you
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I got a Gibson SG Standard for my first guitar. Smart choice to get yourself started on the right foot. I'm jealous of your 3p setup!
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A Gibson is a pretty expensive guitar for a first one, but it doesn't matter what the price is as long as you can afford it, it will still be fine.

Lucky, I wish I had a Gibson. Have fun, and make sure you rock hard.
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Thanks guys for the comments =) Way happy about the guitar. Might get an amp now when I get back =)...any tips?

Any ones who likes X-Japan and can recommend similar new bands? Preferably a lot newer than the types of l'arc en ciel =)

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Better than my first electric, that thing is heavy as hell...nice christmas gift(?) man, hope you enjoy er'.

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way better than my first guitars (which I still use >_> ) a 80 buck crap-o-caster and a 25 buck acoustic...

anyways on amps, I'd go for a cube 30x or a cube 60, they got a power squeezer so you don't have to annoy the neighbours, a bunch of real nice OD/distortion channels, and not TOO expensive (dunno where you live but here in holland the cube 30x is about €200 and and the cube 60 is about €300)
haha i've been playing for 13 years and i still don't have a guitar that nice!

congrats homie!
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Lol, nice guitar for starting with
I wish I coulc have started with one of those.
I started with a Cort, now I got Kramer Striker Custom and Fender Mustang
But why you only bought head phone amp??
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Lol, nice guitar for starting with
I wish I coulc have started with one of those.
I started with a Cort, now I got Kramer Striker Custom and Fender Mustang
But why you only bought head phone amp??

No cash for the amp =) I am on student loans =), doing a masters now in law, a bit more before I can work with what I want to work with =), so untill then, student loan ftw

Thanks Slicer666 for the advice, will look up on that amp =).
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