Hey guys, my friend is going to buy an amp. Problem is he isn't really in the know so me and one of our other mates are digging things up. My mate works at a guitar store and he's trying to sell him a kustom hv 100.
Now I'm not convinced this is the best buy especially compared to the bugera 6262, problem is I haven't heard enough of or about the amp to say, anyone have an opinion and a reason to back it up? Was it right for me to defend the bugera in this case? And is there anything else I could reccomend appart from that?

His budget is maxium of 500 pounds but he'd rather keep it lower than that.

He loves metal, as well as soft rock, punk jazz, etc pretty much everything. But I think he'd be most impressed by what it's capable of on the hard rock to metal side of things.

Thanks guys.
I wish i had a friend like you when i bought my crappy marshall.
Call me the rap assassinator. Rhymes rugged and built like Schwarzenegger

Likewise my friend. Double failiure when I went from a marshal mg to a line 6 spider 3...
I can recommend the Bugera 6262. I own one and it sounds great. if you play around with the pickup and selection and tone knobs on your guitar you can both get pretty good clean and distorted sounds. I use a Gibson Les Paul Studio with stock pickups most of the time. I am not completely satisfied with the bite of the distortion, but I think it would sound different with active pickups and a different cabinet, since I am running it through a cheap Behringer cabinet. This amp beats pretty much any transistor amp Ive heard, and is a bargain for a tube amp. Im not sure how it does compared to many other tube amps, but I know it doesnt beat a Mesa Boogie, since a friend owns one. That is a pretty lofty goal however, so I can say that I have a very good experience with my Bugera
Thanks alot. The problem with the kustom hv is that I just can't find ANY opinions on it.