not bad! work on it more though
Eat this, today's music-lovers!
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A lot of music isn't really going anywhere. There are tons of fans in here going 'oh my god, <> is evolving so much and <> is so shit lol!' but tons of it is just recycled material and tired ideas.
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not bad! work on it more though

Thanks man. We wrote and recorded both of the those songs in like 2 hours so it's still pretty rough.
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Checkout my band bangover. We play black/thrash metal. Our myspace is myspace.com/bangover1 . Thanks

I don't hear the blackmetal parts, but still very good, besides the too rough soundquality I like the fact that it's pretty raw and straight-forward and not afraid of being that.
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sorry but that name just makes me laugh

yeah it's not supposed to be very serious