I read some of the examples for placing pedals in the correct order but some things just still confuse me.

the 4 pedals that i have or will be getting are the boss ds-1, boss sd-2 ,ibanez ts9 ,and boss ns-2

the ds-1 doest rlly matter to me i hate the pedal but othe other 3 i need help placing them

Would it be sd-1 --->ibanez ts9----->ns-2?
or ts9------>sd-1---->ns-2
or is the noise surpressor supposed to go first?
if the ds-1 is useful in that please let me know thanks!!!
This isn't a forum, this is a thread - the thing you posted this in is the forum.

I've found that it works best if you put the noise suppressor first - that way its suppressing the noise that would generate from your guitar itself, not suppressing the signal that is coming from the pedals.

Other than that, I'm not sure which of the dirt pedals should come first.
oh my bad *thread* but thanks for that if i was to get a delay pedal would that be last?
Delay pedals usually go last so that you are repeating the modulated signal and not modulating the repeated signal.

As for ordering the drive pedals, I agree with the above poster that the ordering doesn't really matter. Just know that if you're going to stack any of the pedals, changing the order does affect the result. A clean boost into a distortion will sound very different than the other way around.