I'm an intermediate player with an interest in all types of music. My influences include Tom Waits, Tori Amos, Frank Black, Pogues, Bedouin Sound clash, Savatage, Wintersun, Gary Moore.

I'm into all sorts of music (see influences)

I have been playing for about 3 years now on a Yamaha ERG121 that is falling apart completely. I'm thinking it's about time I need some new kit for 2009, I'm a firm believer in that you don't need to spend much to get what you need so my budget is around the £200 but preferably under!

I really like the sound of the Telecaster, the twang and the clarity is great but as my budget is only £200 a Squire affinity would be the way forward?

The only guitars I've considered is a Epiphone Les Paul Special 2 or a Squire Telecaster Affinity.

I'd really like some recommendations of anything with the info I've supplied or any guitar that is like I've listed.

Cheers everyone!!
Never get a squire lol. The epiphone is ok. I play some of that same music and I am using an ESP LTD, and it works great.
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HMMM, what does 200 in your money equate to in dollars?

That's just over $300 at the moment
I'd probably recommend a Yamaha Pacifica, they're probably the best you can get for that price
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Whatever you do, do not get the Epi LP special 2, they are good for beginners, but they blow for anyone that understands how a guitar SHOULD sound.

EDIT: 200 pounds is actually just shy of 300 US by about 3.50
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Ibanez RG321.

I don't play Ibanez guitars, but I am forced to admit that the RG321 is absolutely the best guitar for under £200. It's even got a fully mahogany body. However, in my opinion all other Ibanez guitars in this price range are sh!t (as are most guitars under £200 in general). Definately have a look at the RG321(MH is usually at the end of the name I think, that's good, it stands for Mahogany).

By the way, I totally agree with you about not having to spend a lot of money for good gear. Some expensive guitars are very well made and almost worth the money, but the majority of them (the factory made ones generally) aren't.
^^ Actually I forgot all about Vintage, which is funny seeing as my mate left that same Les Paul in my room and I've been playing it a fair bit.
It's not too bad but doesn't stay in tune very well
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go for the strat.

but here's a few that may also be a good buy

ibanez, but i think ibanez make good all round guitars, not just metal

squier tele P90 custom

squier affinity strat

yamaha pacifica

squier fat strat standard

squier 60's classic vibe strat
costs a little bit more (£214.34) but better model
If you would consider a second hand guitar I would wait until after Christmas when all the unwanted christmas presents start to appear for sale second hand. If you keep your eyes open you can get a bargain as they will be brand new hardly played condition.

If you are going for brand new remember to check the web for the lowest price and then find a decent local guitar shop and ask them to match the deal. Thats what I did for my new MIM Strat and got a nice discount, a 3 year guarentee, all from a local shop with a very good reputation. It is worth paying a little bit extra to get a guitar setup properly from a decent shop.

Forgot to mention I bought a Squier Tele Custom P90 and it is a great guitar for the money with a good playing action.
Thanks guys for the suggestions, It will give me something to think about!
Keep it coming

Merry Christmas all!