Queen is my favorite band, but I think Queen + Paul Rodgers is not a good team. Rodgers is good, but no one can beat Freddie
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brian may and the others should have formed another band IMO after freddie died, coz whilst they might be good with paul rogers they miss the essential part of queen which was freddie
Queen have changed, Rodgers has a completely different style of singing, Freddie is epic and powerful voice while Rodgers is essentially a bluesy singer. With the change of singers style, theres a change of the bands style...
Well they are entitled to the name and I think they also have done right with recruiting Paul Rogers....totally different style of vocalist just to enhance a new era they have had to enter and basically making a statement that no one could be a Mercury and they aren't seeking a clone......and while I'm at it don't tell me Guns 'n' Roses is the same without Slash
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In most cases it is harder to replace the frontman than anyone else.In the case of Queen it is impossible to replace Freddie Mercury.Just can't be done.Just my opinion.Saw Queen for the News of the World and the Jazz tours.Amazing Band.