my taps i can barely hear

how do i make them sound louder

im using:

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tap it harder!
^(the string)
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when you realese your right hand(assuming your right handed) dont pull it strait off the string instead flick the string to one side or another a little bit, this keeps the string vibrating. just dont over do it, this one kid i saw looked like he was trying to bend the strings up 3 FULL steps before pulling off!!?!?!!, he's not the greatest player but anyway, it should almost be like a SMALL flicking motion ether to you or away from you. on my guitar though the high e string isnt as loud as the other strings and im not sure if its me, my guitar, or all guitars also some player tap with the edge of there pick, this dosnt require the flicking motion at all and is louder on my high e string than other methods so i tend to use a combonation of both styles depending on what string im taping on if you or anyone else reading this has any other questions or wants to say hi let me know
I've noticed i can tap easier on my other guitars sometimes, my SG has a deadspot right in the prime tapping area around the 17th fret
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a good pickup like a seymour duncan distortion or emg 81 would help, and hardcore gain

even with the cheapest pickup this CAN be done, I have a Pacifica ($150) and when I do the tapping sounds hard, loud and pretty clear, not all messed up, but yes, practice is needed

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