I was just wondering if anyone could take the time to tab this song out? I am not very good at learning by ear and thought this would be the best place to ask.

The song is "Don't Make Me Wait" by This World Fair. It was written for the movie Disturbia.

Here is a link to the music video on YouTube


Any help would be greatly appreciated.
sorry man, take it to the tab forum.

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Actually I posted this in the tabs forum a few days ago. I did not receive a single response. I figured i might have better results in the pit. Sadly you are the only response I have received.
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i would give it a try...but i won't

May I ask why it is you will not give it a try? I have come here in hope that other members of a GUITAR TAB COMMUNITY would perhaps want to help another person interested in playing the guitar. If however you wish not to help me, I respect your decision but implore you to reconsider your motives. I also would hope you realize that responding to a post to merely state you will NOT do something when someone is asking for help is not only immature, annoying, but goes against the grain of something many people would like to call humanity. Granted this is a small scale, you would not find yourself going up to a homeless person on the street saying "I could give you money, but I wont." In the event in which you rebut that statement by the low act of stating you would in fact do such a travesty, then you my friend, are a sad pathetic member of society.

Edit: I can't believe that some one who has, on at least three different occasions, requested tabs, (Wish You Were Here, John Mayer Song (x2)) would be so apathetic to someone who is trying to play a particular song. I stand by my previously formed opinion of your response.
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