Ok well i found one cheap online and i was thinking about buying it. I've read generally good reviews about it. Its SS but its got that fender clean tone. I also have a boss ds-1 distortion pedal for it. Im into playing 80's 70's rock like AC/DC. Good or bad idea?
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just buy a fender super champ xd+hardwire valve OD
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I'm working on selling mine right now.
It does have a great clean though.

****ty house distortion. I also have a DS-1 and it makes it even ****tier. It is a ****ty pedal though.
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Terrible idea. I have the 15R and it sucks. The cleans are ok, not great, but ok... but expect a lot of buzzes and feedbacks. Seriously, if you put distortion on (either a pedal or the built-in one) the buzz/feedback noise is louder than the notes you play.
As said, the cleans are fine, but fender SS's don't respond to pedals well atall. If you want that true fender tone, go find a used hot rod deluxe or deville.
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