A friend of mine is in a pop rock/alt rock band. She currently uses a Randall SS half stack - I don't remember the exact model. She claims she is unhappy with the way it sounds and she's selling it and buying a new amp.

I need your help on figuring out something for her to get - she doesn't know that much about amps.

- Her budget is pretty tight - she didn't specify how much she is willing to spend, but I know it won't be more than a few hundred dollars.
- Her main guitar is a Fender Jagstang, but she also uses a Gibson LP Jr. at times.
- She needs something with good cleans as well as a nice crunch.

I was thinking of suggesting to her that she keeps the Randall cab (it has 2x12" Eminence Legends and 1x15" Eminence Legend, I believe) and she buy another head to replace the one she has.

We are open to suggestions.
Maybe a AC15.
Vox and Pop rock.

But maybe something with a bit more headroom will do her better like an fender HRD.

But for spectacular cleans and oh so SEXY crunch and OD, the AC15 fits the bill, also it looks so pretty.
Especially with the british tubes, you get a nice barely OD breakup when you hit the strings the right way injunction with an OD pedal its my amp to end all amps at the momment with the money i dont have, and the money im willing to save up to spend.
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A friend of mine ...

O.o, reeeaally...

JK man, Crate V33 head maybe? Or some used deal of clist locally?
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O.o, reeeaally...

JK man, Crate V33 head maybe? Or some used deal of clist locally?

Haha yea

Here's her band's myspace if you wanna listen to the style to get a better idea of what she might be looking for: www.myspace.com/iforgetsuck

Please keep in mind that the recordings were done using a Line 6 Spider 3 and various guitars including her Jagstang, a Gibson LP with EMGs, and a couple other guitars that I don't remember lol.
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Depending on budget obviously, but look at the Rocker series or even the tiny terror. Perhaps get a decent head and then a budget cab because although orange cabs are possibly the best around, the price is huge!
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Yeah, if budget allows, maybe a TT? might not be enough volume though.

I just checked them out, they have some ska influence going on, maybe a fender deville?
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O.o, reeeaally...

JK man, Crate V33 head maybe? Or some used deal of clist locally?

Yeah, that was my suggestion too.

Most pop punk bands have a fairly British sound and this should have some gain for it.

The Vox might be a bit too low gain unless she uses an overdrive. An Oragnge would be perfect, if she can actually afford it
an orange would be perfect. but i highly doubt she will have the cash for one. they are all over 1000. she could get the tiny terror but live she wont have any clean. id go with the v33 or maybe a classic 30. depends how much gain she needs
A JCM of some sort.

How much of a budget?