i recorded this today.

like i said im pretty much the only one who plays guitar out here well the only one who lugged an electric and mini amp out here any way lol...

but enough about that i recorded a song. i like it but i obviously wanna have some crit on it. cuz all im trying to do is get better while im out here.

please take a listen and ill crit yours if my internet stays up..or i might haveta get u back tomrw lol. well thanks ...

by the way its on my profile...
Im listening to it now, I really like it.
The part where, to me, it goes out of key is a little spoiling of the rest of the song, but apart from that it's good, you should record some more songs
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ya actually the out of key part is kinda in reference o my friend...i told him to listen to it...he likes that kinda stuff....

i appreciate everything uve all said as well...and ya bros its definatly "intresting" trying to record out here in the middle of nowhere with a power converters (cuz over here they use 240 v and in USA we use 120v) and ya but its sweet when i can just jam or whatever
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