I'd really like to start recording some songs. I do NOT need anywhere near proffesional quality. I'm a poor college student and I just want something to hold me off untill I graduate.

I already have Sony acid and above average computer speakers. What I need now is some way to mic vocals and guitar. I'll fill up everything else with midi. Right now Ive just been using my laptops built in mic and its pretty bad. I was just gonna buy something to plug into the mic input, but i did some reading and apparently that's really bad no matter what mic you use. So My question is, is it a different story with USB mics? Can you just go strait in with them and not have impedance matching devices and preamps? I've also looked at the Line 6 port thing, but it seems sketchy to me.
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You could try a usb mic. The BLUE snowball gets decent quality. You could also use a real mic and a usb recording device such as an M-Audio fast track or similar device. A third option that you could try is using a real mic and plugging it into an active pre-amp, and then run that into the mic in of your computer.

Ecit: have have used all of these, and their isn't too much of a quality diffrence. the best option for you would be to use either a USB mic or a direct-to-usb recorder with a mic (this would only be beneficial if you wanted to record multiple tracks at once though. The USB mic would be be good if you only need to record vocals and guitars and didn't require much pre-recording processing.

try out this
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Look for a used Shure SM57 and M-Audio Fast Track, it's what I'm doing - total comes to 100 bux not including the cable.
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Thanks for quick replies. That snowball thing looks pretty good. I'll probably go with it.
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