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Why is it that about 80% of all UGers either at or under the age of 16 say things like

"yaa, i got mah gitar yesturdai n i cun totali play evrythin"


"I've only been playing a 2 months, and i can already pwn everyone"

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Quote by Thy Woodzy
Not once have i seen anyone say those things on these forums.

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And that guy, who had that idea, one time


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Its human nature to lie to make ourselves appear more impressive in our chosen skills?
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Quote by jesus the strat
yeah well I've only been playing a 2 months, and i can already pwn everyone

shut up no0o0ob, i got mah gitar yesturdai n i cun totali play evrythin
They don't, you be trippin'

P.s. i've only been playing for a year and I can play every coheed and cambria song and am going to be the next Jimi Hendrix so suck it n00b!
I haven't seen anything anything like this in months, and I imagine there are quite a lot of UGers under 16. Ergo, your 80% statistic is rubbish.

Stop talking typing out of your arse regarding something which isn't a problem.
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why do 80% of ugers over the age of 16 accuse people at or under the age of 16 of doing things that NEVER HAPPENED
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I think you're just jealous that I wrote everything Mozart did way back in the 80s before he was born.
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I've been playing for a year and a half and i can barely play anything.

Happy now? kthanxbai
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**** u n00b i got mah squire strat yesyurday and i c4n play t3h f1re nd t3h flamezors
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I actually have seen things similar to that. And to those users, I say, either teach me how the hell you learned that quickly, or shut the hell up and stop thinking you're a god because you can play 2 or 3 Nirvana or SOAD songs.
I have never seen anyone post that.

Why is it important that "80% of UGers are under the age of 16" that gives us a clue of how inmature you are.
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