I have a wireless reciever and transmitter. It was my grandads, who was a comedian, he's packed it in now and gave me the whole thing. It has a clip mic with it. All i need too do is buy a jack cable for it and i can use it for bass, it only costs 18£ which ain't bad. Its the 1400 series UHF wireless system by 'Audio-Tecnica', which is some good gear, it can be rack mounted via adapters which will costs me 35£ (Its is said that these are for the 2000+3000 series of system but by looking the will work fine.

Just a few questions really:

1) Its frequency response is 100hz -15Khz. Will the be okay for bass?

2) Where would i put this in my chain, i have floor effects soo i was thinking:

BASS--////--Wireless system-----> Floor effects---->Amp.

But should i have effects before the wireless? I'm not sure how it would work, i'd need a cable like normal then.

3) Can any find information about those rack mount adapters? just too make sure its fine too use.

Thankyou. Oh and anymore info about using the wireless system would be great, like, using it too get the best signal ect. Cheers
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The bass SHOULD cover the bottom end at the very least.

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I don't know the answer about most thoose questions, but it should go before your effects loop in your chain so you have mobility.
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I don't think its going to work.

Open E is about 40Hz, so your going to lose all of the bottom end.

this. you wont sound as bad with the high notes, but that E will just plummet to the bottom of the mix.
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