So i asked my aunt for a bass for christmas but i dnt know which one 2 get?
I wanna play Alternative rock like Radiohead, RATM, Coldplay, Mars Volta and RHCP and maybe some Punk.
Ive head the Squier 70 Vintage Jazz Bass is really good but i always need a second opinon.
^ VM 70s Jazz.
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I was gonna say P bass, but the specific bands you mentioned would sound better with a Jazz. Get the squier VM jazz.
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I dunno, the Precision would be pretty good also...if possible, go with your aunt to the store..an instrument should never be gifted without the recepient playing it.

Even someone with no knowledge of the bass (I am not assuming that applies to you) can tell which instrument feels better to their hands, and beleive it or not, that's a huge consideration.