I am running a schecter hellraiser with 81/85 emgs, through a line 6 spyder III.

i dont have the money to upgrade my amp, and i absolutely do not like the tone i get from the spyder.

I play in a "deathcore" band. we play music along the lines of whitechapel and such.

im looking to get a new distortion pedal. which ones are good and sound good through a non-tubed amp? price really isnt that much of a factor.
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You basically have a giant multi-distortion pedal. Adding another one to mix isnt going to help your issue and infact it might make it worse... Just save up and get another amp..
get the damage control demonizer and run it through the CD/MP3 input. this way, the modelling is bypassed. you could do that, but you should really just save up for a new amp.

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