so i ran across a hot rod deville for $250 but it needs new tubes. it still plays, but the tubes are 10 years old, the guy knows they are getting ready to go and is discounting the amp because of it. i know it only has the groove tube 6L6's in it, so i imagine it cannot be that much to replace, however i have not found how many it has, i assume 4?

also if the tubes are correctly matched to the amp does it need to be rebiased? i know usually its only needed when you change the tubes from factory to account for the different tubes.

and lastly, is it not smart to do it myself? just replacing the tubes? im pretty electronic savvy, but have never done any work on a tube amp.

sorry for semi-uneducated questions. im doing my research as i post this, but i know theres some of you that know alot more than me and might be able to speed this up.

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go to the unofficial hod rod deluxe owners guide (online)

it's very informative
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2 6l6, 3 12ax7. probably costs about 60-70 dollars for a full retube.
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2 6l6, 3 12ax7. probably costs about 60-70 dollars for a full retube.

does that include install? obviously its going to be different from place to place, but i'd like a ballpark idea to know if im getting ripped off or not.