Okay, so i have around $200-250 to spend on a new guitar..
and my question is: would i get a better quality for a $200-250 6 string guitar than a 7 string guitar? Any suggestions?

Thanks! :]]
Yes you would get a better 6 string than a 7 for that amount.
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If you want to dive into 7 string land, you really do get what you pay for.

Dont get a cheap 7 string, it will be nasty as. If youre serious about hittin some low lows then save up and get a high end Ibanez or Jackson.
6 or 7, for that price, you aint gonna get much. If you can find a 7 string for 250$, it is still an assembly line guitar.

well you do get more if you get the 7string, you get an extra string.
I got a 7 string for 150. Sure, it doesn't beat my 900 dollar Ibanez with EMG's. But hell, she plays fine. I'd say get the 7, you can get a decent one. If you find a Squier, get it. Don't listen to other people, I promise I know more than they do. I've been playing nearly 10 years, and I picked it up. Well worth a shot. Try to find one.