I just picked up a hot rod deluxe for $300(!!). Everything works fine except the reverb knob doesnt do anything at all (theres no difference between 1 and 12). Theres a slight difference in the hum of the amp when I turn the reverb up, but the sound is not changed at all. I dont really have any experience working with the insides of amps, and I really dont know what to do about this. It could be something stupid im overlooking, but Ive tried just about everything I can think of and cant get it to work at all, so any help would be appreciated very much!

id bring it into a shop. because there is DEFINITELY difference between 1 and 12 on mine. hell, there's difference between 1 and 3.
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Well ill probably end up bringing it to a shop, but I was wondering if this was anything I might be able to fix