So i've been playing the strat pack for about 6 months now and I've realized that even though the guitar sounds great, it is meant for a beginner (and not to say that I'm that good, because I'm not) but I want an instrument that simply sounds better. so i was thinking of getting a new electric guitar. I was looking to spend up to 600 dollars on it. there are obviously a lot of options but I can't decide on which one to choose. I like to pay a lot of cleaner music but also like to play slightly heavier stuff (not talking slayer, but more like foo fighters heavy...) Any suggestions? thanks
Some kind of HSS Fender Strat? Your sound is more in your amp than your guitar, so you might consider something like a Fender HSS Standard Strat ($400) and some Roland Cube or Peavey Vypyr for the amp (probably the cube judging by your genres). Those can run around 200 for a decent one.