i have played guitar on a yamaha pacifica for about a year i want to go higher.
i play metallica and some metal/ rock.
i am a bit clueless but i hav heard ibanez is good
Wat is yur budget if r into metal I suggest schecter. but for more blusey metal like zepplin and black sabbath i suggest an epiphone dot or les paul these guitars r in the 300 to 500 range
My first ibanez was a Ibanez RG350DX and its totally worth the money. Its around 400$ and it rocks! Low string heigh and good sounds. I changed my hambuckers though.
if u want to move up from yur yahmaha i suggest going investing in atleast a 300 dollar guitar
you should try a schecter damien fr. it's not too expensive and it comes with a set of emg's with the floyd rose.