I was watching Fuse and they had this Tenacious D thing on, the master works volume 2 i think it might have been called. Well they were doing a concert and this guy I think dressed as Jesus was playing this SOWEET looking guitar.

Anybody know what I'm talking about?
it looks like a bc rich mockingbird exotic classic.

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B.C. Rich Mockingbird

Extremely over-rated guitar.

Is it still any good then? It just looks so cool!

Also thanks for the answers guys
Yep Mockingbird

And he wasn't dressed as Jesus Christ, he was dressed as the Anti-Christ.

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Is it still any good then? It just looks so cool!

Also thanks for the answers guys

The high end models are pretty good and BC rich seems to be getting back on track. Just don't buy anything from BC rich that isn't platinum series or above, the platinum series are pretty nice and above is fantastic, but the bronze series are basically pointy over priced squiers.
BC rich make very poor guitars under around $650 USD but they also make great high end guitars over around $1000 USD.
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I've got one of those, and it is easily one of the nicest guitars I've ever played....s'all a matter of opinion though
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Excellent guitar, I have a Mockingbird NJ Series Neckthru with Duncans that is one of the best guitars I ever owned.